This 383 has improved cylinder wall sealing and hl series cam updates for our 2019 line up.

The 383 street master engine with performance developed head. This combo makes the best street engine with tons of low-end torque in the right street-able rpm range. This engine is a powerful electronic fuel injection. It’s impossible to build a better product anywhere at these prices, aftermarket steel cranks aftermarket alum heads and custom stroker blocks.

Don’t settle for less, this model engine is primarily designed as muscle car replacement engine or any pro street combo, and also fits wide variety of street applications.

Engine is professional prep assembled in controlled environment. Each engine is pre-assembled to check all tolerances on each bearing, crank journal, end play. Piston clearance on cylinder, piston to valve, & deck clearance checked & set. Each engine has the static & dynamic compression ratio set for maximum horsepower with desired fuel octane. Camshaft degree set along with correct valve train geometry. Oil pump pickup clearance set for proper oiling. Each bolt is torqued to proper specifications using top quality calibrated torque wrench. We also take pride in a great paint job on each engine for the best look in your vehicle. You cannot compare our engines to others it would be like apples to oranges. They just aren’t the same.

Engine comes with a 2-year warranty 


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Additional information


This engine comes with electronic fuel injection by Holly Sniper and a belt drive kit. Comes with distributor, wires, flex plate.. and everything you see in the picture. We can make it any color you want (25 color choices available.)

We also have the TH350 or 700R4 transmission combo that we can add to this engine.


Machine Work

  • Select Hi Tin block
  • Mag Check-pressure check …
  • Square decked or check for squareness for better head gasket sealing
  • Hot Tank – Jet Wash ….
  • align bore and or check for run out. FULL RACE CLEARANCES
  • Bore Torque Plate Hone …     Torque Plate Giveh
  • Clearance block  FOR 383 s BEST FinisAdd New
  • Install cam bearings – freeze plugs…
  • Dynamic balance assembly..
  • File fit rings – blue print clearance FOR MOTOR TO RUN FRICTION FREE…
  • Final assemble full rotating and top end AND TEST ON ENGINE STAND

Performance Internal Parts

  • Speed Pro Pistons 10.3 to 1 piston set (runs on pump gas)
  • NEW STD STD SCAT 3.75 steel crank with superior wear sized and indexed.
  • 5.7″ steel rods
  • File Fit Rings…  (IS REQUIRED for the ultimate in ring sealing making more power…
  • NEW cam bearings…
  • King Race series bearings  std -std rod and main…
  • Custom HYDRULIC HL FT series high output cam lifter set  ..
  • double roller Timing set…
  • chrome moly  pushrods
  • HP – oil pump…
  • NEW pickup…
  • steel drive…
  • oil pan.
  • After market – aluminum timing cover…
  • pioneer head bolts…
  • BIG 7/16 rocker studs
  • blue – gasket sets…

◦ Features –  – -severe duty 2.02/1.60 valves plus …  1.45  springs 10  degree super locks comp cam parts.. 7/16 studs guide plates. gasket match p.c seals. chrome molly retainers, with mild port work these heads are better than ANY OUT BOX HEADS YOU COULD PUT ON FROM SAME MANUFACTURE

  •  Hi performance COMP roller rockers-… (not the cheap stock stamp steel)
  • Features – awesome power  range 2000-6500 WE RECAMMEND A 2000-2300 stall.   lopey muscle car idle.
  • Streetable and will run vacuum access