We are now offering more services than ever before thanks to our new top of the line machines. Specifically designed to be the most technically advanced industry-specific systems ever. More than just a single machine, these new “Engine Machining” CNC Vertical Machining Centers are designed to give customers even more flexibility for engine parts machining, digitizing and porting, and custom parts manufacturing. Here at Hot Rod Company we have always gone above and beyond the industry standards and this year is no different.  We have purchased several top of line machines to make our engines better that ever! 

taking machining to the next level

Rottler EM69HP "The Cutting Edge"

The EM69HP machine is a 5 Axis CNC  Digitizing/Porting and Universal Machining Center. This machine is allows us to offer incredible precision and  exceptional accuracy. The EM69HP was specifically designed to be the most technically advanced industry-specific systems ever, allowing us to offer top of the line machining services and parts. 
  • 5 Axis CNC Digitizing
  •  CNC Head Porting
  •  Cylinder Boring
  •  Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  •  Lifter Boring
  •  Line Boring
  •  Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)
  •  Thrust Cutting

What Does CNC Porting Do?

Using our top of the line CNC machine we can now add even more power to your engine.  Our CNC machine, has laser guidance allowing us to perfectly shape and shave cylinder heads to exact user-inputted specifications. This process allows us to modify the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine. Ports can be modified for several purposes including maximizing power or minimizing fuel consumption. Increasing the size of the port head will improve the amount of air flow to the engine, thus increasing the horsepower. Standard cylinder heads are not built for racing applications but rather durability so they have much thicker cylinder walls. CNC porting is a great option if your looking to add a few more horsepower under the hood.

Rottler VR 12 Valve Refacing Machine

The VR12 sets new standards for Performance Racing and Remanufacturing work.Designed to grind a set of valves to equal length from Stem/Butt end to Valve Seat without adjusting settings. The Centerless Technology eliminates collets and chucks. Valve face is machined concentric to the valve stem for improved sealing, better heat transfer and reduced mechanical stresses on valves. Our Rottler’s Centerless Grinding System rotates the valve stem on it’s own centerline. Precision drive rollers rotate the valve stem and a pneumatic low friction steady rest support the valve stem similar to a precision balancing machine, resulting in extremely accurate valve stem to valve seat run out less than .0002″ (.005mm) TIR. The Rottler Centerless System allows a wide range of valve stem diameters to be ground without changing any collets or chucks.

Why Have Your Valves Refaced?

Over time, valves need to be either refaced or replaced because they have to withstand high rpm and temperatures. Valve faces become worn and eroded due to heat or as the seats wear down,  the stems wear down where they contact the guides, and the tips may become worn or squished due to the friction of the rocker arms or cam followers. 

Refacing valves is a cheaper option than having to replace your valves with new ones. This is an ideal service for classic and vintage engines where valves are harder to find.


If tearing down your engine, look for clues that indicate it’s time to replace the valves, These include: loss of valve lash (due to valve stretch) or chatter and damage marks in the keeper grooves. 


Rottler VR 12 Valve Refacing Machine ​


The S85a is a CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine  combines cutting edge control technology with proven traveling column machine tool dry surfacing technology to give the world’s most advanced surfacing machines available today!

The S86A is designed for surfacing from the smallest to large heavy duty diesel heads and blocks.  The S85A is ideal for the requirements of the performance racing engine builder and production engine remanufacturer.

The S80 Series Surfacing Machines incorporate the latest ClearPath Integrated Servo Touch Screen Control Technology into a Dry Surfacing Machine capable of surfacing a wide variety of material.

How Does This Benefit Our Customers?

The accuracy of a CNC machine ensures consistent product quality, it can result in increased production speeds, enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and most of all cost savings!

Rottler F69A Programmable Automatic Machining Center

The F69A is a truly amazing machining center. Blueprint bore, line bore, deck blocks, surface heads, true lifter bores, automatic milling to size, all in fully automatic operational modes. Using this incredible machine we can give your engine more horsepower and torque!

  • Block Surfacing
  •  Blue Print Boring
  •  Boring & Sleeving
  •  Circular Interpolation
  •  Connecting Rod Boring
  •  Cylinder Boring
  •  Cylinder Head  Resurfacing
  •  Lifter Boring
  •  Line Boring
  •  Multi Purpose CNC Custom Parts)
  •  Thrust Cutting

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