Our Story


Passion Turned Profession


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About Hot Rod Company

Learning About Crate Engines

The Hot Rod Company story is one of passion turned profession.  Our founder got his start from an early age, he spent his formative years turning wrenches with his dad in the garage after school.  The two of them spent many nights going over every aspect of the crate engine. Overtime, he learned each and every part of the engine, what each parts purpose was, how it interacted with the rest of the engine and what could be done to each piece to improve overall performance. They went over how to fix each part and most importantly how to make to get the engine to run at top speed while still running smoothly.

Passion for Performance Engines

In time, that hard work landed our founder behind the wheel of a drag car.  He and his dad now spent their nights at the track, racing cars and turning wrenches to build the ultimate race car.  All the time spent at the track only grew our founders passion for the industry. Roughly, thirty years later, that deep seeded passion for building performance crate engines became a profession.

Hot Rod Company Vision

It began with a vision of success and a seemingly simple idea to set us apart from the competition. We spent hours upon hours researching and scouring over every single aspect of the industry. We always knew we wanted to provide the best quality product available and to do that we had to ensure we had the knowledge and expertise of every faucet of the industry.  Once the research phase was complete came the long hours, hard work and sacrifice.

Hot Rod Company Legacy

We now offer custom 383 Strokers, 350 Small Blocks, and LS Series engines. Beginning as a “one man show” we have fought tooth and nail to create a company that can be proud of. We persevered to create not only a successful family company but one that we hope to become a family legacy one day.